Moleskinsoft Disk Cleaner 2.0

Moleskinsoft Disk Cleaner 2.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: PC Cleaner

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Would you like to have a pocket program which will think for you and clean up your computer disk? YouOCOd press necessary buttons and the program would make all for you. If yes Disk Cleaner - universal file program - will help you for disk clean up. When you setup and start the program you will see pleasant intuitively clear interface. Apparently the program carries out 3 basic functions - junk files removal, system folders disk clean up, search and removal of duplicate files. Press OCtDrive cleanOCL and choose a disk youOCOd like to remove junk files in. Then press OCtSearchOCL. In the bottom program window youOCOll see search results - the files the program has counted as junk ones. Everything you need is to note the files you consider to be superfluous and to press OCtCleanOCL. Having removed junk files you seriously clean up the disk in fact they are created by hundreds of programs which are on your computer and the benefit of them isnOCOt present. If you consider many superfluous files created by different programs are kept in your system folders you should take OCtOther cleanOCL advantage - the button will help you for disk clean up - in windows prefetch folder, windows recent folder, windows temp folder, recycle bin. Especial function is useful for Internet fans: after view a plenty of sites unnecessary many files are formed in Temporary Internet Files folder. DonOCOt you trust? Then check up and youOCOll see hundreds of megabytes and even gigabytes will wait you with an unnecessary information. Press OCtCleanOCL for PC clean up. There are many file duplicates on your PC for certain having stayed for you as a inheritance of many programs, video and audio-files, images, at last. Do you often watch what files get on your disk? It is impossible to follow all and not to miss the next copy. But itOCOs not a problem; in fact Disk Cleaner will help you for PC clean up. You can search for file duplicates.

Systems: Windows

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